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Best eyegasm I've had in a long time

I must agree; the effects WERE outstanding. It is hard to believe this was animated with just flash [I'm assuming]. "No particular story"-well, most dreams of mine never have a particular story or logical progression, so being able to watch an animation of such splendor and muse was fantastic. Great work

Great message.

Truly applicable to today's moral and ethical problems. More cat/bunny relationships for all! Unless you're let's say..but we won't get into that..

yeahh..see no..

u dont put previews in the flash portal. put them in the NG Alphas (like it tells you to before you submit a flash, which is another good reason to read directions. when u try to submit something they tell you what is a good thing to submit or not, and obviously you didn't see that bit) or go to the forums and ask what people will think. there's an amazing tool called google that will direct you to another website where you can temporarily hold and display a flash file so people int he forums can go look at it and tell you to submit or not. basically, DONT SUBMIT UNFINISHED WORK!

otherwise-work on it some more, get some shading going in there, smooth out the water effects, and it might be a decent movie.

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Brilliant idea, really. You even get that much more money, because of all the resfresh..wow. Genius. Cool idea, decent gameplay, okay graphics. Pretty swell i'd say..but what the heck happens after all those refreshes!?!? I guess i'll see what happens after I die..

Can I say, bliss?

After playing Music Catch 1, I started listenning to a lot more of Isaac Shepard's stuff, as previously an avid Yiruma fan, I found his work to be just as pleasing. And if you haven't already I would suggest trying to find some of Yiruma's music as well. Anyways..after seeing a Music Catch 2 release, I didn't think much of it, I figured I'd already had that experience with the first game. But this was beyond what I expected, and I wished I had tried it out sooner. Thank you for the inspiration and joy of playing this wonderful masterpiece! I think I almost fell out of my chair when I saw the iPhone version as well, and I'm downloading it as I write! Thanks again.

nicely put together..

A good game nontheless-however..

I don't think this is a good game to have on Newgrounds. It's highly unoriginal, using freaking sprites? How wonderful. newgrounds is about artists-having real quality flash work portrayed, not for easily manipulating and controling predone 3D models. this game makes the rest of us look bad franky..

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Well done!

The mastering on this track is phenomenal. If you don't mind my asking, what program did you write this in? What plugins did you use? The patches sound pretty high quality and they mix well together.

TaylorS responds:

I write most of my work in Finale 2011, use the aria engine, and Garritan plugins.


Very nice. I think the next step is to add some dynamics, that would make it really effective, even if it is on an organ. Maybe decrease the tempo just a bit too.

RipVanWinkle357 responds:

I like really fast stuff. I did this originally as a sax quartet, but the bastards couldn't play it fast enough. Thanks to them, I wound up recording it with me on all the parts (yeah, I play 4 different saxophones). I revised it for organ, but failed to remember moving over my dynamics.


Was def a great movie-i'll give you that. And a great remix to go along with James Cameron's vision! Good stuff man. If I may offer some piece of small advice..maybe change up the bass pattern once in a while-or at least set it to a new progression. It does get a little old listening to III I V II, over and over again. If you don't know what I'm talking about study up on some chord or progression analyze-that'll also give you a lot broader spectrum of thought to move about with your music.

Catstuffer responds:

Welllll, I was considering going into thirds, keeping the same progression, but just changing the feel, u know. But clocking in jsut slightly over 2 minutes shouldnt be that bad to deal with it. Also, middle thrid of the song drops out the bassline completely. So really its only about 1:20 of the bassline.

Thanks for the review! I appreciate criticism :D

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Am I allowed to say what it says?

Amazing art, btw. I especially love the consistent shadow work done throughout.

But here to all those less fortunate or deprived of MS Pain skills, uh, usage..uh right then..
Starts with Our, then something to do with the title, and something else about them being solved..oh come on guys you can figure it out [horizon*cough*tal *hack and sneeze* flip *lung collapse* in pa*__

SmokeryDots responds:

LOL :-) Thanks

Great piece, great piece..

A single ding to the score-it was probably something you either never noticed or noticed half-way through and didn't bother with it but..

Proportionally speaking...

That dragon's got a HUGEass underbite. I think the lower jaw is about a third longer than the top. Other than that, one hell of a piece my friend.

Nekow responds:

the head is at an angle. As you can see the reference pic is not so different


It would also be nice to see a photograph of the real thing, just for a reviewing reference..though i know you probably shouldn't post that here..

Fleshlight responds:

well this wasn't based off a photo. The model would probably be pissed off if I took a picture of her.

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